Fourmile fire burning west of Boulder, Colorado

Residents of Boulder, Colorado,  may be forced to evacuate if the high winds continue to push the burning wildfire toward the city limits. Authorities were already telling residents on Thursday that they should be prepared to evacuate their homes.

169 homes have been destroyed, and 6,400 acres of land ravaged, by the raging Fourmile Canyon fire. It is still burning west of Boulder. It was expect that the already high winds would increase through the evening and night, and that could send the fire into the city

Authorities have already evacuated 8,000 people in the hills west of Boulder, but so far the city has been spared. However, municipal spokeswoman Sarah Huntley has asked people to be prepared by gathering up important papers, medications and clothing.

Huntley also asked residents to help protect their homes. She requested anyone on the northwestern edge of the city to cut their grass short, remove combustible material from the yard, and move all propane tanks to the east side of their home.

The Fourmile Canyon fire was 45% contained by the end of the day Thursday. No deaths or injuries have been reported so far, even with all of the homes that has been destroyed.

The rainy weather helped firefighters on Wednesday, but the high winds in the forecast raised concerns.

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has declared a state of emergency, and authorized $5 million in funding to fight the fire.

The fire began on Monday and the cause is still under investigation.

(image: flickr/ReeseCLloyd)

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