Will Bruce Willis Help Consumers By Suing Apple With A Vengeance?

Will Bruce Willis Help Consumers By Suing Apple With A Vengeance?

Bruce Willis currently wants to transfer his big iTunes music collection to his daughters. Unfortunately, this is something that is not currently allowed under iTunes terms of service.

According to a report issued by The Daily Mail, Bruce Willis has spent a lot of money (thousads of dollars) on music bought on iTunes, but is was shocked to discover that he does not own any of the songs that he bought. It was reported that Willis is currently considering taking legal action against iTunes owner, Apple, in order to gain complete control over music that he bought.

The current terms and conditions that Apple has users agree to before they can use iTunes is a huge document that is filled with terms that are not easy to understand by regular users. Every single person that wants to use iTunes needs to agree to that document before he/she can start downloading content. Most people do not even read that document.

Simply put, when a user purchases music from iTunes, the money that is paid is just a license. The user is allowed to listen to that song on the iPod, iPhone or another Apple device under his own ownership. The music itself is not actually bought. It is not as buying an audio CD.

Jonathan Handel, a really well known entertainment attorney in Los Angeles that specializes in intellectual property and digital media declared for CNN:

“When you buy a book, you own the copy of that book but not the actual material. What you are buying here is right to use music on certain devices.”

Bruce Willis can basically leave all of his laptops and audio players to his daughters but he cannot actually do anything about moving the music to another device. Digital music use is limited by Apple to the gadgets that are currently used by the current iTunes account holders and nobody else can use them or copy them.

Apple was not available for comment and specialists believe that they will not even issue an official comment about this issue. Willis’ wife, Emma Heming-Willis, took to Twitter earlier today and denied the actor will sue Apple over the iTunes contract.

Did you know you didn’t ‘own’ the music you bought on iTunes – like you would if it were on a CD? Should the Die Hard actor help us all out by suing Apple? Tell us what you think about this in the comment section below!

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