Will Netflix Become An On-Demand Choice From Your Cable Company?

An interesting development with Netflix.

We’ve been reporting over the last year how the streaming content provider has been battered by one event after the other. Some blows they have done to themselves, like when they were charged with  breaking privacy laws (they claim there was no wrongdoing) and angered customers by raising prices. Some have been delivered to them, such as Starz recently pulling their content, and there has been general volatility in the streaming industry as competitors (Redbox and Verizon, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Comcast, and even Apple)  jump into the field and/or expand their offerings.

But now perhaps Netflix has something new up their sleeve. The Chicago Tribune is reporting tonight that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has been meeting with US cable companies about the possibility of adding Netflix as an on-demand service through their cable boxes.

If the deals can be made, Netflix could possibly become an additional cable option and be billed to subscribers as part of the regular cable bill.

Such a service is not likely to be available in the short term, as it would require some serious re-negotiations of licensing deals. But one of the Chicago Tribune’s sources said one cable operator may be ready to begin experimenting with service by the end of this year.

We’ll keep an eye on this and keep you updated here it CP as new developments come in on this story.

Consumer Expert Ariel Relaford

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