Spoilers ahead : Sean Bean dies a lot.

Sean Bean’s new show, Legends, begins this month on TNT.

Considering the actor’s track record of meeting an early demise on screen, one has to wonder, how long will this new character last?

Bean’s growing death count has becoming a running gag on the internet. The actor has died an astounding twenty five times in film and TV.

Some of the more famous deaths would include the arrow riddled Boromir in the first Lord of the Rings film. Or succumbing to the brute force of Harrison Ford on a speed boat in Patriot Games.

Anyone interested in a complete list of Bean’s death need only to turn to google.com or youtube.com to find a slew of fan made lists and videos compiling the many deaths of Sean Bean.

Fans even recently took to social media in a effort to keep Bean alive in his newest role. On twitter #DontKillSeanBean was a trending topic last week as fans let the creators of his new show know that they would like to see him stick around for a while.

Legends debuts on TNT on August 13th, it is described as a psychological spy thriller from the executive producers of Homeland and 24.

Bean stars as Martin Odum, an undercover operative who is so adept at transforming himself that his own identity is called into question.

Those who think that because Bean is the star of the show, he is safe,  need only remember Bean’s tragic portrayal of Ned Stark in Game of Thrones.

Hopefully for fans he can keep his head this time.

Watch here as Sean Bean talks about his favorite on-screen death:

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