PS4 will match modern-day PCsA lot of game developers are praising PS4’s hardware.

Just Cause developer Linus Blomberg recently said that the PS4 will out-power PCs for years to come.

Now Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, says the PS4 will be better for gaming than today’s PCs, thanks to the 8 GB RAM and other hardware.

Braid is going to release a new game called ‘The Witness’ for the upcoming console, and mentions in statement to EDGE that PS4’s RAM will help in shuttling graphics resources.

PS4 features 8 GB GDDR5 RAM, which is much more RAM than is normally available in a standard PC.

Jonathan also said that the PS4 does not have a heavy operating system like Windows, which is resource intensive and gets in the way of graphics in PC games. The equivalent games are going to run faster on a PS$.

The PS4 may arrive at end of October or Early November. It will be priced  less than $599, according to an industry analyst.

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