HTC 8S Now available at WIND CanadaMost of the smartphone headlines for Canada have revolved around Nexus 4.

Almost every Canadian retailer has been in the news for selling the device, with WIND being one of them. The carrier received the Nexus 4 on February 4th.

But while navigating their online store, I found that they’re now also selling the Windows Phone 8S by HTC, better known as HTC 8S.

As per the description, HTC 8S works on the Windows 8 OS and includes Beats Audio. The handset comes with a 4-inch Super LCD Gorilla display with 400x 800 resolution, 5 mega-pixel back camera, 4 GB internal memory and microSD slot that allows 32 GB expansion.

Three plans are available; $0 with a WINDtab $40 plan, $99 with a WINDtab $30 plan, and $199 with a WINDtab $20 plan.

Consumers can also buy the device outright for $299. The Nexus 4, on the other hand, has a $549 no-contract price.

Are you willing to go with a Windows 8 phone for 50% less? Feel free to leave comments.