So Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for the world to find out what exactly the new OS has to offer.

The problem is, its terms of use have a little line where it says the tech preview will “automatically collect and transmit data to Microsoft and its partners regarding activities on your registered devices, including personal information.”

The creepy thing is that Microsoft basically uses a keylogger – a favorite tool of cybercriminal – to gather some of this data.

All in all, Microsoft will collect the following data during the technical preview:

  • Voice input
  • Text input
  • Interface interactions
  • Feature usage
  • First-party application usage
  • Third-party application usage
  • Browsing history
  • Search history
  • Call history
  • SMS data

The terms of use clarifies that Microsoft will collect all this data to not only improve Windows 10 but to offer more relevant ads.

This information will also be shared to ‘partners’ for improved products and services

To be fair, Microsoft has laid out all this information on the Terms of Use as well as the Privacy Statement that comes with the technical preview.

It is, after all, a testing phase, and the collected data would be immensely useful for fine-tuning Windows 10 so that it doesn’t turn into another disaster like Windows 8.

Still, those trying out the Windows 10 technical preview need to be very, *very* careful with what they work on using the new operating system.

Are you alright with this deal? Don’t trust Microsoft with your confidential information?

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