Consumers will have an option for a new generation of smartphones as Windows Phone 7 makes it debut in the United States and Canada on Monday.

The new operating system for mobile phones is a part of Microsoft’s efforts to refocus how it handles the mobile market.  The company is trying to regain a share of the market that has become dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Windows Phone 7 is ushered in as Microsoft says goodbye to its Windows Mobile Software operating system.

For starters there are two phones available on the market with the new operating system. AT&T will now have the Focus by Samsung Electronics available to the public. The phone boasts a four inch high contrast screen.

T-Mobile will now offer the HTC HD7 which has an even bigger screen than the Focus.  Both phones will cost $200 with a two year contract.

Other companies such as Dell, LG and Samsung Ericsson have phones in the works with the new Windows Phone 7.  2011 will see phones on Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel as well.

Windows Phone 7 was first launched in Europe and Asia last month. The response was greater than expected and led to shortages of the phones by some of the carriers that offered them. It is speculated that this could also impact the availability in the United States.

The phone will launch with 1,000 applications available in its marketplace. Many of the standard apps are already ready to be downloaded by consumers. Some app developers have opted to wait and see how the phone fares.