Wine For Cats? It’s Real And It’s Healthy!

Apollo Peak of Denver, Colorado, has recently introduced cat wine — wine that is made specifically for cats to drink.

Yes, such a product does, indeed, exist.

Although intrigued, some cat owners have one question: Is it good for my cat?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is still yes, but we’re going to dissect the ingredient list and elaborate on each ingredient’s health benefits.

Apollo Peak currently sells two cat wine flavors: MosCATo and Pinot Meow.

Both cat wines have the same four ingredients: water, organic catnip, organic beets, and sea salt.


Water is necessary for a cat’s biological processes, such as circulation, digestion, and defecation. A cat’s body is made up of 80% water.

Organic Catnip

Catnip tends to have one of two effects on cats: it either winds them up or winds them down.

Cats who get wound up from catnip often end up running around and playing with toys, both of which are great forms of exercise and can lead to weight loss/help maintain a healthy weight.

Cats who wind down after being exposed to catnip end up relaxed and sometimes sleepy, which helps relieve stress caused by traveling, new people/pets, trips to the vet’s office, etc.

Organic Beets

Beets are an insoluble fiber source. Insoluble fibers help food pass more quickly through the digestive system, as well as solidify and moisten stools.

Sea Salt

Apollo Peak uses sea salt as a preservative, but it, too, has health benefits for your kitty. Cats need about 21 milligrams of salt per day to ensure his/her body does what it’s suppose to do when it’s supposed to do it.

Salt is important for helping the cells in your cat’s body move nutrients and waste products to the proper areas of the body. Salt also makes sure your cat’s stomach makes enough acid for proper digestion.

That’s it! Water, organic catnip, organic beets, and sea salt.

Did you notice the lack of alcohol in this kitty wine? Alcohol is toxic to pets, so you won’t find a drop of it here!

Because of the natural ingredients, both the MosCATo and the Pinot Meow are safe if ingested by dogs or humans. Apollo Peak is currently working on a dog wine, so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in purchasing a bottle of cat wine for your feline friend, click here. Both varieties are available in 1.6 meownce and 8 meownce bottles.

Will you be buying cat wine for your furry friend? Let me know in the comments, and then share this with your family and friends!

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Consumer Expert Carissa Myers

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