Michele Kalina

A Pennsylvania woman whose home held the remains of four infants  has been charged with criminal homicide according to Berks County District Attorney John Adams.

Forensic testing has confirmed that Michele Kalina is the mother of the four dead infants that were discovered in her home in July by local authorities.  She has also been linked to a fifth set of remains that were found in a nearby landfill.

Kalina has been in jail since August 9 on charges that are related to the discovery of the human remains in her Reading, PA home.  On Monday she was charged with criminal homicide and five counts of abuse of a corpse. She is currently being held without bail.

Kalina’s teen daughter contacted the police on July 29 when she was not sure what she had found in the living room closet of her home. Upon further inspection officers uncovered the remains of three infants that had been stored in individual containers in the closet.  Later they discovered a fourth set of remains and eventually found bones from a fifth set at a local landfille.

DNA evidence matched Kalina to four of the infants and a man known as her boyfriend to three of the remains. Both her husband and her boyfriend deny any knowledge of the pregnancies.

According to forensics the deaths of the infants are consistent with asphyxia, poisoning or neglect.

Adams said that the District Attorney may choose to charge Kalina with four separate counts. He noted that this was an odd case that warranted more discussion with the forensic pathologist before any decisions were made.