Wordsplosion free game Google PlayConcrete Software released a new puzzle game ‘Wordsplosion’ on Google Play Store.

It’s a fast paced game that keeps the players constantly on their toes.

Each level includes a 5 lettered word of which four letters are  hidden, so there is only one letter that is showing.

With this being the only clue the player has, he/she must guess all the other letters and complete the word.

The featured words are all from the dictionary and are used in normal conversations. They may not be hard to figure out…. but there’s a time limit for the player in which the word must be completed. Steely nerves, a good vocabulary and some luck are required.

Players can stop advertisements popping up at intervals through in-app purchases.

Wordsplosion can be downloaded  from Google Play Store for free.

Let us know if you try it out on your Android device.