It’s the World Cup quarter finals, and underdogs Costa Rica are up against Holland. Can the Central American team continue their amazing journey through this tournament, or is this the end of the road?

The match kicks off at 16:00 ET (21:00 BST), and you can watch live coverage on ESPN (subscription required) and the BBC.

Live audio streams are also available if you’d rather listen than watch, with both ESPN and the BBC providing live commentary. US listeners can also tune-in to their local ESPN Affiliate station for radio coverage.

Costa Rica are the unlikely story of this World Cup, with most not expecting them to make it out of the Group stages. A blistering 3-1 win against Uruguay in their first game set the tone, and time after time this side have shown they deserve respect.

The dream nearly came to an end in their knock out match against Greece, when the match went to penalties after a 1-1 draw.

A tense shootout followed, but came to an end after Costa Rican keeper Keylor Navas thwarted his old Levante team mate Theofanis Gekas and made a game winning save.

If Costa Rica are to beat Holland today, it may well be the heroics of Navas that again make the difference. Costa Rica have conceded only two goals so far in four matches, and Navas managed an impressive eight saves in the match against Greece alone.

Despite being the overwhelming favorites, the Dutch coach wasn’t exactly talking his team up before today’s match.

“We’re not a great team, but a team which is difficult to beat. So far we have shown that and I hope we can continue that up to and including the final.” said Van Gaal

“That Costa Rica are considered to be a less strong team, that is by the media. That is not our words, we are not saying that.”

Everyone loves an underdog, and there will be plenty rooting for Costa Rica today. However, despite their spirit and strong counter attacking play, I think this may be the end of the line for the CONCACAF team.

My prediction is a 2-1 win for the Netherlands after 90 minutes.

Can Costa Rica keep the dream alive? Let us know your match predictions in the comments section.