Barcelona goes up against Club América today in a World Football Challenge match at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The game will be aired at 4 p.m. EST on ESPN. A live stream of tonight’s game most likely can be found on

The World Football Challenge is a 14-match series that takes place across several North American cities, between 13 different clubs (or teams).

Barcelona has been outscored 6-2 in both games they have played in America.

In Barcelona’s games against CD Guadalajara and Manchester United, Barcelona only managed to get a single goal in each game. They lost 2-1 to Manchester United, and lost 4-1 by CD Guadalajara.

Barcelona takes on Club América today for their final match in the World Football Challenge.

Club América has not scored a single goal yet in the World Football Challenge, as they fell to both Manchester City (2-0) and Juventus (1-0).

Will Club América finally make a goal? Will Barcelona win a game, proving that they can still win without Lionel Messi? Stay tuned!