The Worst Game Ever is a card game for two to eight players ages 12 and up. The game is designed by Jeff Siadek with art from Neal von Flue. It plays in about a half hour and retails for $14.95.

It coins itself as a game everyone can hate. But will anyone like it?

How it works:

Players start the game with 12 tokens and four cards. The first player pays one token to the kitty — the bank of tokens in the middle of the table — and draws a card.

That player then chooses an opponent to attack. The attacker says how many tokens he would like to take from his victim. He then rolls the die. If the number is higher than the one he said, he takes that many tokens. If not, he gets nothing and play passes to the next player.

Play continues until one player runs out of tokens. The player with the most tokens wins. In case of a tie, the first player (whether one of the tied players or not) to yell, “Worst Game Ever!” wins.

That wouldn’t be an interesting game. But there’s one more rule. Anyone can play a card anytime it makes sense. And that’s when the fun begins.

Why you might buy The Worst Game Ever:

The Worst Game Ever is funny. There are cards that let you take tokens from other players if they build something with their tokens or tell an unrelated story or quote a movie.

It’s chaotic, random, and clever.

Long after people play this, they’ll be talking about it.

It pokes fun at people who take games too seriously, and it does so in the best way possible.

From the oversized, awful die to the rules written in Pig Latin (they’re in English, too), the game lets you know it’s meant to be bad. Really bad.

But it’s also short, and that’s what saves it.

At $15, you’ll get a lot of laughs for your money.

Why might not buy The Worst Game Ever:

If you like rules and expect people to play by them, the chaos in this game will be too much for you.

If the cards don’t suit your sense of humor, you won’t like it, either.

There are 100 different cards, but I can imagine that eventually, the game might get old if you play it with the same people every time.

My conclusions:

This game is a silly ride, and I love it. So does everyone I’ve played it with. It definitely takes the right crowd, but with the right crowd, it’s a great time.

Full disclosure: I got a review copy of The Worst Game Ever from Gorilla Games. I wasn’t required to write a positive review. These are my honest opinions.