WWE ’13 Brings Back The Attitude Era [Video]

WWE ’13 Brings Back The Attitude Era [Video]

“The attitude era is back!” according to THQ, the makers of the soon to be released WWE ’13 video game.

Fans of the wrestling franchise will be excited to hear this news, as the Attitude Era in the WWE is considered the golden age of wrestling.

THQ adds in their description of the features that a new revolution has begun in the WWE universe, and it will be starting with WWE ’13. In addition to this, THQ announced earlier that the very popular I QUIT” match will be making a comeback to the gaming franchise after a solid eight years of absence.

As part of the return to the Attitude Era, a new game mode will be introduced for the first time: the King Of The Ring tournament. Wwegaming.com reports, “Players are able to choose the number of participants (4, 8 or 16) as well as the gender of the participants involved (that’s right, Divas can also take part in the King of the Ring tournament). The King of The Ring tournament can be played solo or with a friend for multiplayer action.”

There will also be a Single Player Campaign centered around the Attitude Era, but no further details were revealed by THQ.

THQ said that WWE ’13 will have the largest roster in the franchise. The game will include Universe Mode 3.0, which will allow players to control the virtual WWE experience. Decisions made by the players will introduce matches, rivalries, alliances, and unpredictable moments, keeping the gameplay dynamic.

WWE ’13 is set for October 30, 2012 release (in North America) and will be available for the Xbox-360, PS3 and the Wii gaming systems.

Here is the trailer released by THQ. Tell us what you think of the WWE franchise going back to the Attitude Era in the comments section below!


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