WWE and professional wrestling fans from all over the world got a chance to watch a very interesting pay per view in this year’s TLC. During the event discussions were going on all over the world and especially on Twitter. It was here that we saw, once again, that John Cena has an incredibly long list of fans. In fact, his match was one of the most anticipated in this pay per view.

John Cena was featured in a chairs match against Nexus leader Wade Barrett. This match was supposed to be the end of a rivalry had had wrestling fans entertained for a long time. As expected, John Cena emerged as the winner after a highly brutal match.

“Brutal” is a word that can describe Edge, who also had his share in the success of the pay per view. He won the World Heavyweight Championship belt after defeating Kane, Alberto del Rio and Rey Mysterio in a fatal four way match. WWE champion The Miz did not lose his title after he won the match against Randy Orton. Controversy surrounded this bout and we can expect a continuation of this feud in the future. In a ladder match we saw Sheamus losing against John Morrison. This event landed Morrison the title of number one contender for the belt.WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov retained their titles after defeating Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater after a disqualification and Dolph Ziggler is still the Intercontinental champion after winning the triple threat ladder match against Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston. The ladies of professional wrestling also had the world looking as WWE TLC saw the first ever diva tag team tables match. In this encounter Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated Team Lay-Cool.

On the whole WWE TLC was a highly entertaining pay per view that left people talking for hours after all was over.