X Factor Four Chair Challenge Cont’d: Who Made The Top 4 Girls?

X Factor Four Chair Challenge Cont’d: Who Made The Top 4 Girls?

The Four Chair Challenge continued on Fox’s Season 3 of The X Factor Thursday night (October 3, 2013). The question is who Made it into the Top 4 girls category?

Demi chose these top 4 girls after the four chair challenge was complete:

1) Danielle Geimer

This 15-year-old girl sang a great rendition of Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind” during the four chair challenge. Yes, she had a few flat vocal moments, but overall she definitely has an incredible voice. Oh, and this girl knows how to sing those runs!

Kelly said, “You just sang your face of mama.”

Simon remarked, “You have come around at a time that you’ve got so many overconfident pop stars. You are very humble and shy and I hope you never change.”

Demi said, “You are so talented and so beautiful and you are right, when they trip on you, they already know they are tripping on a star.”

2) Rion Paige

Paige gave a heart warming performance of Rascal Flatts’s “I Won’t Let Go” during the four chair challenge.

This girl can sing country like no other and she’s only 13! She has a bit of a yodel in her voice that makes our heart melt every time we hear it plus how adorable is she?!

Kelly said, “I love your voice and how happy and excited you are when you sing.”

Simon expressed, “ When you got it you got it. I really really like your voice, and I think we are scratching the surface here.”

Demi said, “You are only 13 and you have such a mature voice.”

3) Ellona Santiago

We absolutely loved Santiago’s rendition of Zed’s “Clarity” during the four chair challenge. She has such a commanding voice that brings us the chills every time she has performed thus far.

This 16-year-old appeared on Season 1 of X Factor in the group called Intensity However, she has proven she deserves a spot as a solo artist on X Factor.

Kelly said, “Little mama you are a beast. I mean that in the nicest way possible. You don’t look like a beast, you sound like a beast.”

Paulina called her performance “amazing,” while Simon proclaimed, “It’s probably the best vocals we have heard in this category. I can’t imagine you not being in this competition.”

Demi said, “I believe that you have such an incredible voice, but I do feel like something is missing. I feel like that star quality isn’t there yet.”

We are not sure about Demi’s last comment, but we are so relieved she got through to the final 4 of the Girls category.

4) Khaya Cohen

This 15-year-old has proved from the day of her audition till now that she has got some major pipes. We absolutely adored her brilliant interpretation of Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” during the four chair challenge!!

Kelly said, “You have incredible instincts. It’s so natural your presence.”

Simon stated: “You got even better than the last time I saw you. I think you’ve got massive potential.”

Demi remarked, “I see you having fun with so much drive and passion. I’m blown away, I think the entire competition needs to watch out for you.”

Are you happy with the Top 4 Girls? Leave your thoughts below!

Photo Credit:Michael Becker

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