X Factor Four Chair Challenge: Which Groups Made Live Shows?

X Factor Four Chair Challenge: Which Groups Made Live Shows?

It’s the final night of The Four Chair Challenge on Fox’s Season 3 of The X Factor.

The question is which Four Groups made it to the live shows?

Let’s Recap The 4 Groups who made it into The Top 16!

Sweet Suspense perform “Wishing On A Star”

We weren’t completely sold on Simon’s creation of this all- girl group. Yes, they do each have good vocals, but they still need lots of work on tightening their harmonies and perfecting their solos.

Kelly Rowland said, “There’s something special here. I do think you guys have some work to do, but I believe you guys are hungry enough to get to the place you want to be.”

Paulina Rubio stated: “I love the song, I love the look. You look like superstars.”

Demi Lovato remarked, “I’m so proud of you. You’ve been put together a month ago and your blend sounded so amazing.”

Simon Cowell emphasized how this group has all the qualities in creating a successful group, which he mentioned include, “chemistry, talent, fun, friendship, and ambition.” He continued, “there’s more to be gotten out of you guys as well.”

Restless Road performs Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You”

We love this country trio! With a little polishing up on their harmonies, we can see them garnering a huge following in country music.

Kelly said, “You guys are such an incredible trio. This was a brilliant idea.”

Paulina stated: “I love you three. Your different vocals blend so well and you guys are amazing.”

Demi proclaimed, “I am so excited right now. I got the chills because it was so right. I hate to say this, but Simon is a genius for putting you guys together.”

Alex & Sierra perform Grease’s “You’re the One That I Want”

OMGosh We are infatuated with this oh so sweet and charming duo/couple. We loved how they put a folk spin on Grease’s “Youre The One That I Want.” Their performance was absolute perfection from start to finish.

Kelly said, “I genuinely adore you two. I love listening to you sing together. It was just so nice and you guys are so sexy.”

Paulina stated: “I believe in you guys as a couple and as artists.”

Demi said, “I think you guys are one of my favorites in this entire competition.”

Simon said, “I really really like you. There’s no one in the market like you. I like how you put your own twist on these songs.”

Roxxy Montana perform Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror.”

So, this group has officially made us excited for live shows! We believe This is the group to beat in the competition! This sister trio each have amazing powerhouse vocals! Their solos were flawless and their harmonies blew our minds.

We loved watching them feed off each others energy as they created an excellent rendition of a classic MJ song.

Kelly said, “I can see y’all came her to play no games.”

Paulina stated: “You guys are awesome! I did not expect that.”

Demi remarked, “I looked around and everyone was on their feet and that doesn’t happen very often.”

Simon expressed, “I was really impressed. We could make you incredible, I have a feeling about you, you have the talent.”

Are you happy with the four groups who made it to the live shows? Leave Your thoughts below!

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