X-Factor – Recap Of The Best Performances On Wednesday Night

X-Factor – Recap Of The Best Performances On Wednesday Night

Last Night’s X Factor was filled with extraordinary performances and a couple surprises.

Let’s start with the most shocking surprise of the night!

As you X Factor fans may recall, last week Diamond White (in the teens category) was eliminated from the competition by her mentor Britney Spears. However, this week, all four judges made a unanimous decision to have her rejoin the competition.
Diamond proved that this decision was a well-deserved one as she made a gutsy move by successfully nailing her performance of Whitney Houston’s “ I Have Nothing.”

The second surprise of the night was America’s new name change for girl group 1432.

Drum roll please…. and America’s choice ended up being Fifth Harmony!

With a new name came a stronger tightly knit group.

Their performance of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” perfectly showcased their magnificent solos and harmonies.
LA Reid expressed how he was impressed with their singing, specifically stating: “You nailed it and I’m so proud.”

Britney explained how she believed this week from last week’s performance is “night and day because this week you all shined the whole way through.”

Demi praised every group member stating: “you are all powerful vocalists, which makes you different from other girl groups.”

Simon commended the girls for their enormous transformation week to week. He specifically said, “There is something incredibly special about your potential. The vocals were stunning. The performance was fantastic. I could not be more proud.”

Nevertheless, the most memorable performance of the night goes to Carly Rose Sonenclar performing Bruno Mars’ “It will Rain.”

Her performance was flawless.

Her vocals were stunningly beautiful. She sang every word of the song with complete and total passion.

She perfectly took her time with the song as she chose special moments to pick up the intensity.

LA Reid commended Sonenclar for giving a really heart-felt and honest performance. He declared: “ I loved it and I love you.”

Demi emphasized how she believed that this type of song is when Sonenclar is in her element and that she could watch this performance over and over again. She ended her thoughts by saying “You are incredible.”

Simon explained how he could see her making a hit with a song like this. He was impressed by how much she gave to this performance, saying “you have real guts for someone your age.” Then with a big smile on his face he declared: “ I truly believe we are watching a star in the making.”

Britney gave the highest praise of the night stating: “I feel like you should have closed the show because no one can follow that.”

Who was your favorite performance of the night?

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