X Factor Season 3 Week 2 Auditions: Best Performances Revealed

X Factor Season 3 Week 2 Auditions: Best Performances Revealed

It’s Week 2 of auditions tonight on Fox’s Season 3 of The X Factor!

So, just as a refresher, X Factor Season 3’s four categories will include Boys, Girls, Over 25’s, and Groups.

Who gave the best performances tonight? Who impressed the X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio tonight?

Let’s reveal our favorite performances of the night.

Josh Levi performs Selina Gomez’s “Come and Get It”

14-year old Josh Levi wowed us with his own special interpretation of Selina Gomez’s hit song “Come and Get It.”

Singing an acoustic version of the song, Levi showcased his silky smooth voice. He really did an amazing job at making the song his own and performed with an undeniable swagger.

Dare we say we actually preferred Levi’s version to the original?!

Demi Lovato said, “That was amazing..I was not prepared for that. I’m impressed by what you did with the song. You showed you are an artist.”

Kelly Rowland exclaimed, “You are a star. You are so cute, I love your style. There is nobody like you.”

Simon Cowell stated: You chose a song you shouldn’t sing, but you turned it into a great version that suited you. We are looking at a future star.”

Brandie Love performs “Up To The Mountain”

Another incredible country singer graced the X Factor stage. Love sang a beautiful country rendition of “Up To The Mountain.” She infused the song with perfect runs and displayed a strong high register vocal.

Paulina said, “You’ve got the X Factor honey.”

Simon proclaimed, “You took us to church. I love that song. I predict great things for Brandie Love.”

Kelly professed, “The thing that is so beautiful about you is that you got lost in the song. You allowed the music to set you free. It is so beautiful. We are so blessed to see you today.”

Demi emphasized, “You bring country and add soul. I’m from Dallas Texas and you took me home. You have a good energy and you are sweet.

AKNU perform Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie”

This brother trio displayed stellar stage presence as they entertained the audience with great vocals and a killer dance routine. They really put on an entertaining show!

Kelly said, “You guys are so refreshing. You make everybody want to dance. You have spread your gift all through this room.”

Demi emphasized, “There’s something really special about you guys. I had the chills.”

Simon declared, “It’s like watching Motown all over again. Normally that’s the part I hate, but I think you are on the forefront of something new. The dancing worked incredibly well. I could watch this audition all over again.”

Carlos Guevara performs John Mayer’s “Gravity”

Guevara’s performance brought tears to our eyes! WOW this boy can sing! Such an inspiring story as Guevara clearly did not allow his diagnosis of Tourette’s and OCD stop him from pursuing his dreams.

He gave a brilliant performance of John Mayer’s “Gravity.” Guevara had such a unique voice with a distinctly special raspy tone. His voice is perfect for indie rock music.

He really did a fantastic job in adding his own beautiful spin to the song! He gave us the chills!

Paulina said, “I feel really proud of you. You have an amazing voice and a great energy.”

Demi remarks, “You have a beautiful voice and I can tell you have a beautiful soul. You are so talented.”

Kelly pronounces, “You took in this whole crowd and this moment. It was just so magical. I’m so grateful I’m here to witness this and to witness you.”

Simon states: The thing I like about you is that you are not a victim, you haven’t let this issue stop you from doing what you want to do and you’ve actually got a great voice.”

So, who was your favorite performance of the night?! Leave your thoughts below!

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Photo Credit:Ray Mickshaw

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