X Factor Top 3 Recap: Sonenclar, Stevens, Fifth Harmony – Bring It On

X Factor Top 3 Recap: Sonenclar, Stevens, Fifth Harmony – Bring It On

Season 2’s Top 3 episode of The X Factor followed in the footsteps of The Voice by offering a touching tribute to all the victims affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

The Top 10 finalists, who were backed by a children’s choir, sang Michael Jackson’s “You are Not Alone” as the names of the 20 children and six adults whose lives were devastatingly lost, appeared on a projected screen behind them.

The Finale continued as the top 3 contestants faced three rounds in the competition, which included:

1)Song of The Season- any song they have sung throughout the season
2) Duets with a special guest artist
3) One more Final Song based on the contestants choosing

Carly Rose Sonenclar started round one singing the first song she auditioned to, “Feeling Good.” Her performance was impeccable. It definitely left me “feeling good” and then some.

The judges had nothing but good things to say.

La Reid explained, “this is a defining moment because you have to top what you’ve already done and you did just that.”

Demi emphasized how she believed Sonenclar is going to inspire so many young girls to follow their dreams.

Simon praised Sonenclar for possessing a competitive quality as he stated: “I can tell you are really trying to win this. The first time we heard you sing this sang, you blew me away, but tonight you sang it better than the first time.”

Tate Stevens also performed the song he first auditioned, Randy Houser’s “Anything Goes.”

Demi gave one of the greatest compliments of the night, explaining how Stevens “turned that performance into a stadium performance.”

Simon commended Stevens for being so authentic and singing the song so brilliantly, Reid declared:“you were so lovable the day we met you and you continue to be tonight.”

Fifth Harmony once again performed Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen” in epic proportions.

I know they just performed this song last week, so it is still fresh in our minds,but come on you have to admit it was their very best performance EVER in this competition. Why not do it again and nail it?! And they did just that.

Reid who is known for being quite tough on this group, finally had a change of heart, shockingly claiming “It was magical, you were the underdogs now you are the one to beat. I now really believe you are a group.”

Britney, who just last week said she would be shocked if Fifth Harmony would make it to the finals, turned heads this week as she described their performance as “spectacular, girly and fun,” while Demi applauded the group for how powerful their performance was and even stated that she really hopes America pulls through and votes for them.

Round two was filled with spectacular duets. LeAnn Rimes sang her hit song “How Do I Live” with Carly Rose while Country music group sensation Little Big Town sang their catchy tune “Pontoon” with Tate Stevens.

The duet that outshined the rest definitely has to go to Demi Lovato performing “Give Your Heart A Break” with Fifth Harmony. Their voices blended so perfectly together. Simon chimed in saying, “It pains me to say this, but, Demi Lovato, you were sensational! That is what I call pop perfection, what just happened.”

In the third and final round, each contestant sang a third and final song of their choosing. Carly Rose gave a chilling performance of “Hallelujah” as Britney proclaimed: “That performance alone is worth 5 million bucks, so you should get out your checkbook, Simon!”

Tate Stevens brilliantly covered Chris Young’s “Tomorrow” as Reid articulated how Stevens consistently comes out and delivers.

Again though, I got to give mad props to Fifth Harmony performing The Beatles’ “Let It Be.” This was another sensational performance by this undeniably talented girl group. Each of the girls showcased shining moments in their solos and blended flawlessly in their angelic harmonies.

Reid enthusiastically raved about their performance as he articulated, “Magic is happening right before our eyes, that was beautiful. I am really happy for you and by the way, you did that song a lot of justice.” Both Britney and Demi acknowledged how much the group has evolved and truly blossomed, while Simon affirmed, “I am more than proud of you, you are not just a group, you are 5 excellent singers.”

Who do you think will win season 2 of The X Factor? Leave your comments below!

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