X Factor’s Carly Rose Sonenclar – Does It Again!

X Factor’s Carly Rose Sonenclar – Does It Again!

Fox’s X-Factor kicked off its Thanksgiving episode starring the Top 10 contestants.

The contestants dedicated their performances to the people who have helped them throughout their lives.

Diamond White dedicated her performance to her mother as she gave one of the most heart-felt performances of the night. As she marvelously sang Celine Dion’s “Because you Love Me,” you could feel how deeply connected she was with the song.

It was a really moving performance with unbelievably strong vocals from the undeniably adorable Miss. White.

LA Reid acknowledged the many amazing moments White has had on stage, but exclaimed: “You never had a moment like that, you are the truth, we are going to hear your name for many years.”

White’s performance brought Demi to tears as she praised White for putting her heart and soul in the song. She stated: “I’m blown away.”

Simon described White as “fearless and incredible.” He continued to explain how her vocals sound better than those older than her.

He further declared, “ I believed every single word you sang. I thought you were amazing.”

Vino Alan dedicated his performance to the U.S. troops by appropriately performing “I’m Proud To Be An American.”

The performance was phenomenal filled with deep emotion and superb vocals. He infused a perfect rock and soulful twist to the song.

Alan rightfully received a standing ovation form all the judges.

Britney described Alan’s performance as “spot on” and “simply amazing.”

Demi admitted to being wrong about Alan in the past.

In the past, she has described Alan as boring and doubted his ability to win the competition.

However, tonight she stated: “I do now see something special in you.”

Simon emphasized how Alan epitomizes the notion of not judging a book by its cover.

He proclaimed: “You have a hard surface, but a soft interior. You sang with sincerity and I can see you taking the number 1 spot after tonight.”

LA Reid gave an honorable compliment saying, “ You stand for the troops and I stand for you.”

Once again, the best performance of the night must go to Carly Rose Sonenclar performing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

She really can do no wrong. Everything about the performance was absolute perfection. She started off singing the song acapella, in a soft, yet beautifully angelic whisper. She showcased incredible control as she chose perfect moments to hit the big notes. She colored the song with beautiful vibrato, lovely trills, and extraordinary runs.

This girl just keeps on blowing my mind, week after week.

Soenclar also received a well-deserved standing ovation by the judges.

LA Reid described Sonenclar as an absolute force of nature. He stated: I don’t know where it comes from, but when you least expect it, you dig deeper.”

Demi joked, “ I need to see a school ID or something because I really honestly don’t believe you when you say you are thirteen. You are an alien or something you are just too amazing. You are going to be around in this music industry for the rest of your life.”

Simon affirmed: “This was one of the best versions of the song I’ve heard. You are seriously amazing.”

He also explained how he changed his mind about Alan taking the number one spot as he emphasized that Sonenclar has “blown this competition wide open.”

Who was your favorite performance of the night? What did you think of Carly Rose Sonenclar? Leave your comments below!

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