Xbox 720 Launching In 2013?

End of the world in 2012 would be bad, but that’s not what would trouble most of the gamers out there. The bad news for gamers would be the fact about the rumored launch of Xbox 720 in 2013. Yes, that’s right; Santa might very well get you a new generation Xbox 720 as early as next year’s Christmas ( that is if you wish for it, but who wouldn’t).

This news, well more of a rumour, exploded all over the tech world when someone posted a 56 page report on, which seemed like a confidential Microsoft presentation. This presentation, supposedly made in 2010, outlines Microsoft’s plan for the Xbox 720. According to the presentation, the device is scheduled to be launched during the holiday season of 2013 (more like shopping season). Microsoft’s supposed plans are to sell about 100 million units of Xbox 720 with each unit priced at $299.

According to the documents, Xbox 720 will be the complete entertainment system one might wish for. And when coupled with accessories and peripherals, it could change the future of gaming.

The presentation is more like a road map of their plans for the gaming console through 2011 to 2015. And the fact that many of these plans for 2011 and 2012 did realize, the authenticity of file as well as the claim is supported all the more strongly. Although one of their plans regarding a TV service scheduled for launch in 2012, has not come in action yet. But then again, 2012 isn’t over, is it?

According to these plans, the new Xbox 720 will be packed with a newer second version of Kinect camera, mentioned in notes as Kinect V2. This next generation Kinect V2 will offer an incredible immersive gaming experience to the gamers, supporting up to 4 players simultaneously. It would be a HD RGB camera with dedicated hardware processing. Among other improvements would be a better voice recognition and stereo imaging. The notes also suggest breaking down Kinect in to two individual parts. The leaked info goes pretty in depth mentioning all the details about the hardware, which we would not get into here. Though, what you should know is that Xbox 720 might be 6-8 times better than Xbox360, performance-wise.

Other essential features of Xbox 720 would include a Windows 8 setup, USB 3.0, 3D output with 1080p resolution, dual 802.11n Wi-Fi integration and support for TV subscription. Most of these features seem logical since the Xbox360 already supports apps like HBO, Netflix, ESPN, YouTube etc.

As mentioned earlier, the new Xbox will be almost 6-8 times better performance wise than the older one. Now why exactly would one need so much of performance improvement, when the old one already does a pretty good job? This much improvement would definitely mean some changes in the visual experience of gaming, which is exactly what Microsoft has in mind.

The new console would support a new generation of Kinect glasses code-named in the notes as Fortaleza. These glasses would be able to connect with a smartphone synced with the console over a wireless network. These augmented reality glasses coupled with the powerful new console will offer some fascinating possibilities like a life-size virtual holographic character fighting with you, right in your living room! Totally changes the future of gaming, right?

Though the glasses will have to be bought separately, and are rumoured to arrive sometime in 2014. An evolved and even more developed version of the glasses, which would be constantly connected to the console, might arrive in 2015. These super cool glasses would also support cell service and 4G support.

The notes also suggest that Microsoft will reach a full cloud distribution status of its apps and games. This would mean that the user will have the latest experience without the need to upgrade hardware.

Regardless, whether Microsoft comes up with all the above mentioned features, or is able to launch them at the times listed, will remain in question until it is official. Although most of the features like augmented reality glasses and enhanced hardware look pretty much feasible.

So, do you think Microsoft is going to come up with an Xbox 720 with all the futuristic features? Let us know in the comments section below.

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