Xbox One Still Available If You Know Where To Look

Xbox One Still Available If You Know Where To Look

The Xbox One is mostly sold out at Microsoft’s online store.

What do I mean by mostly sold out?

There is one version available, the Xbox One Ultimate Bundle.

To find it, you just to visit Microsoft’s online store and do a search for the Xbox One.

On the results page, scroll down several rows to find the Ultimate Bundle. It’s there, just not at the top where you might expect it to be. Maybe that’s why it’s still available?

That… and it’s price: $799.99.

The Ultimate Bundle includes The Xbox One console, a year-long Xbox Life Gold membership, an Xbox One controller, and Microsoft Complete for Xbox One (insurance/warranty policy).

The bundle also comes with a choice of three games from this list: Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Madden NFL 25, Just Dance 2014, Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, and Dead Rising 3.

If you’re looking to order an Xbox One online as a stand-alone item, you’re pretty much out of luck.

But if a lower cost bundle will do, there are other stores around that have those available.

One option we found is Best Buy. They have several bundles available, all cheaper than Microsoft’s Ultimate Bundle. Prices start at $539.98. As of today they list their Xbox One bundles as not available for in-store pickup, but say can be ordered online and delivered by December 24.

Amazon has the Xbox One backordered with a “back in stock” date of December 23. They have it priced at $499. Of course overnight shipping would be required to receive it by Christmas (if they do indeed get it in stock on the 23rd).

Target, TigerDirect, and Walmart all list the Xbox One as sold out online and it was out of stock at all the Target and Walmart stores we checked.

Kmart lists two bundle options for $584.97 that are out of stock – but they say they will be “in stock for shipping” in 4 business days (Dec 19).

At the time of this writing, GameStop has several Xbox One bundles available for pre-ordering with a ship date of December 19. Starting price is $619.97.

A number of sellers have Xbox Ones listed on eBay. Looking through the sold listings, many have sold for under $600 (including shipping).

**Update, 12/16: Microsoft contacted Consumer Press to report that the Xbox One is available (unbundled) at most brick and mortar Microsoft Stores and that new shipments of Xbox Ones are arriving weekly. The text above has been adjusted to reflect this information.

Have you found a good stash of Xbox Ones in stock?

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