Xbox One will be region lockedMicrosoft released the Xbox 360 as region locked, and the company announced today that the Xbox One will be region locked as well.

When a console is region locked, it can only play discs that are made for the same region the console was designed to be used in.

Usually used for different types of entertainment, such as music or movies, region locking is currently deployed in Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Speaking to Digital Trends, a representative of the company said the reason for the region locking is that game titles must meet the regulatory guidelines of different countries.

This may turn away some already disappointed fans who haven’t been impressed by the name of the console and the confusion regarding used games.

Sony’s PS3, on the other hand, isn’t region locked, and the PS4 may be released without a region lock as well.

Can this help Sony could win the next-gen console war? Feel free to leave you comments.