The next generation of gaming is here.

The major players: the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4.

Let’s line them up and compare their features.


Xbox One

Although the smallest difference between the two, the consoles offer different controller features.

The Xbox One controller builds on the success of the ever popular Xbox 360 controller. In a sleek matte black design, Xbox’s controller brings comfort to gamers hands.

Improvements over last gen include the D-pad. If there were any flaws to the 360 controller it was the disc like D-pad. Microsoft responded with a more classic “+” design layout.  The controller also has better a better rumble feature now, with specific motors in both the triggers and the joysticks. While many find the new battery pack a little flimsy, it does offer a recessed design which allows hands to rest more comfortably


One of the major complaints of the PS3 was the lackluster controller. Sony has brought radical features, never seen on a gaming console controller.

Improvements over last gen include the size. The Dualshock 4 finally does not feel like a small piece of plastic. With longer handles and a more spaced out design, gamers with bigger hands can feel comfortable gaming for hours.  The Dualshock 4 offers a more responsive and concave design, great for any trigger heavy game. Not yet fully utilized, the new touchpad offers game creators a new experience for their audiences. The pad feels clickable and responsive, like a good laptop trackpad.

Camera Sensors and Voice Commands

Xbox One

The first Kinect opened up the world of controller free gaming to the higher end console gamer.

Kinect for Xbox One offers a built upon experience, similar to the first generation . Note: The Kinect is no longer required for an Xbox One console. Microsoft offers bundles both with and without.

The most notable improvement over the last gen Kinect is better the voice commands. The camera also boasts some new features including a heart rate sensor and the ability to use the sensor in a more confined space.


Not included with a console , the Playstation 4 camera is sold separate for $59.99 USD. Voice commands are minimal compared to the Xbox One.

The PS3 had Playstation Move, which offered a par experience to motion gaming. Sony has incorporated the tech of Move into the new Dualshock 4, which should bring motion gaming to a larger audience.


Xbox One

Xbox has always had a flashy and good looking software design. Xbox One continues this trend with a Microsoft spin.

The Xbox One software is simple and clean. Much like a windows phone, live tiles are used so players can see anything they need straight from the home page. The addition of the snap feature gives gamers the opportunity to multitask like never before. While few apps are snapable, more are being added.


Playstation 3 used a streamlined design. The PS4 refines this even further. From Home, players can view all media stored on their system. Getting from games to system settings is a breeze.

The PS4 design is cleaner than the PS3’s. Transitions between features are quick and painless. Sony continues to add new features.


Both consoles offer players a list of similar and unique features, making it more difficult to choose over the other. If this had been 6 months ago, I personally would have recommended the Playstation 4 over the Xbox. The specs and the price difference were better for new and more experienced gamers. Now that both have been on the market for more than half a year, the companies have made changes that affect that recommendation.

The biggest and most important is price. Both consoles are now sold for $399.99 USD. The Xbox One, originally priced at $499.99 USD with Kinect, has ditched the Kinect to compete. Buyers can still find bundles with a Kinect for $499.99 USD or more.

With price said. this is my personal and definitive recommendation. It is up to the primary player of the console. Each offers a unique experience priced exactly the same. The only major difference now is exclusivity with games. If you like a game only available on one system vs the other. then that is something to consider.

With holiday 2014 season approaching, is a next gen system on your wishlist?

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