A Best Buy ad that was leaked online showed that the new Motorola Xoom tablet is set to be released in stores on February 24 with a price tag of $799.99, which is a little higher than originally anticipated.

The Xoom table will also require that at least one month of data plan be purchased in order to activate the WiFi option. Users will have the option to use the Xoom on Verizon’s 3G and 4G network or to utilize WiFi instead. However the fine print in the ad states that a one month data plan must be purchased to activate that WiFi option. If users choose to purchase data, the prices are realistic. 1GB of data per month is $20 with 10GB being $80. This data would go through Verizon.

Originally it was believed that the Xoom would cost around $700 though many experts had said the price would end up closer to the $800 it is being advertised as. The original launch date was expected to be one week sooner than it is.

The Xoom is a tablet that is expect to be a decent rival to the Apple iPad. It was debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show where it was a big hit in its demo mode.