Everyone has been asking the same question, is Yahoo down today, and the answer has been a resounding yes.

Many of the products and services offered by the internet giant have not been functioning properly throughout much of the day Tuesday. The affected services include email, Yahoo answers and Yahoo chat. However, other features and products have been shown to work only sporadically.

Yahoo answers is currently the second most popular Q & A site on the internet so it being down has impacted many users.

Yahoo has stated that its servers have become overloaded with traffic over the past two days. This does not stop the rumors and speculation from circulating around that it may be related to the layoffs that are occuring, coincidentally, Tuesday.

The company announced Monday that it would be laying off at least 650 employees in its products division. Many feel the coincidence of those products failing to work properly is just too strong and the current outages are reflective of the layoffs.