You Can’t Pre-Order An iPhone 5S, But You Can Reserve One!

You Can’t Pre-Order An iPhone 5S, But You Can Reserve One!

The release date is set… but for some strange reason, Apple is not accepting iPhone 5S pre-orders.


Well, Apple has been mum on the issue, of course. But the prevailing theory seems to be that Apple is having supply issues with the iPhone 5S due to problems manufacturing the Touch ID sensor.

While Apple nor any of the carriers for the phone: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, will be taking iPhone 5S pre-orders – Target, Walmart and Radio Shack are all reported to be taking reservations for the new phone.

None of the retailers has any formal information available online on just how their iPhone 5S reservations system works. Based on reports though, it appears that reservations can only be made through individual stores.

Over on MacRumors, potential Target shoppers are reporting mixed results when it comes to the competency of the salespeople they have reached when calling Target stores for reservations. Some say the salesperson they reached was well versed in the details of the reservation offer, others report reaching salespeople that were unsure of the differences between the way that the 5C pre-orders and 5S reservations are being handled.

Apple has confirmed that, on its September 20 release date, the iPhone 5S will be sold at Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint brick and mortar stores. It will also be available at Target, Walmart, Radio Shack, Best Buy stores. All based on available stock.

Will you be reserving your iPhone 5S at Target, Walmart or Radio Shack, ordering online at midnight (PST) on Dec 20, or lining up early at an Apple store?

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