Times Square Galaxy S4 billboards

The Galaxy S4 is only a few days away from being unveiled.

Some of the features of the device are already known, and now a new report states it will allow for wireless charging.

DigiTimes claims that Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S will use wireless charging technology.

For Galaxy S4, the same Qi technology that’s used by Nokia and other makers will be featured.

It may not be a standard S4 feature though. A special back cover would have to be purchased to add the ability to charge the battery wire free.

Apple’s iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4’s rival as the blogosphere puts it, hasn’t been given a release date so far. Wireless charging for iPhone may be a new addition from Cupertino, or they may rely on an accessory as well.

The spotlight is on Galaxy S4 at the moment. Samsung recently put reminder billboards in New York Times Square for the upcoming flagship handset.

Wireless charging, how does that sound to you? Feel free to leave comments.