YouTUbe Android app updated

Google has released a new update for the YouTube application on the Android platform.

No major changes are featured in the update, but users are likely to find the new features pretty handy.

A new option that has been added to the video streaming app allows users to see the latest uploaded videos from their subscribed channels. This is done through the feed labelled as ‘My Subscriptions’.

While this may not sound like something big, the new feature places everything from all subscribed channels into a single location, which means users don’t have to see the list of subscribed channels and browse new videos in them separately.

More good news for Android users using the app is that the update also fixes the issue of automatic sign out of the linked Gmail account by the app.

Some features are also added to video creator channels, and the update also brings stability improvements.

Do you use the YouTube app on your Android phone or tablet? Are the updates useful to you?