YouTube new subscription serviceYouTube is gearing up to launch a subscription service for some videos.

The usual content is going to remain free, but those who subscribe to this service will have access to special programming.

The basic purpose is to allow video makers to charge a monthly subscription for access to their respective channels.

The NYT said the programs would be for entertainment, music, children and other types of content.

The price of the subscription isn’t high, as most video makers are expected to request around $2 per month.

If YouTube viewers adapt successfully to this service, there may be some major changes in the video industry over the next few years.

Video creators, who’ve survived on advertising revenue till now, are surely going to jump the bandwagon to tap into another sources of revenue.

Most of the videos will remain free, so there’s no need to worry for those who don’t wish to subscribe.

Would you pay for subscription to watch special programming?