Elisa Baker has agreed to a deal with the prosecution in the death and dismemberment of 10 year old Zahra Baker.

No details of the deal have been revealed but Regional District Attorney James Gaithner Jr has confirmed rumors that Baker will, in fact, receive a deal should she be charged in the death of the little girl. However, the deal could rely on more information and developments than Elisa has helped to provide thus far. The District Attorney said he has not ruled out the death penalty as an option in this case.

Although rumors have spread quickly that the deal took the death penalty and life in prison off the table for Baker, this is not the case. Gaithner said the office had a right and responsibility to utilize those options when the evidence and situation called for it.

As of now no one has been charged in the death of Zahra. Elisa remains in jail on a felony obstruction of justice charge for writing a fake ransom note.