After weeks of silence the father of 10 year old Zahra Baker has chosen to speak out and deny any involvement in her death or dismemberment.

Adam Baker told a local Hickory, NC television station that there was absolutely no way he could have hurt his daughter. He said there was no way he could do that to his baby. He chose to speak his words on Zahra’s 11th birthday.

Baker shared that his life would never be the same and that he wanted to return with Zahra’s remains to his ‘home’ of Australia once the case was over.

He refused to make comments about his wife’s role in Zahra’s disappearance, death or dismemberment. He merely said the police were close to finding the truth.

Meanwhile, thousands gathered at a candlelight vigil in Hickory, NC in honor of Zahra’s 11th birthday. Baker said he did not attend so that people could focus on Zahra and not him. He did say he watched online with his mother and lawyer by his side.