The engineers at Nissan responsible for the GT-R never rest. Following the 2012 reworking, which resulted in a 15 hp and 15 lb-ft gains, the wizards have conjured up more ways to improve an already astonishing machine.

The 3.8L twin turbo V-6  now pushes out 545 hp and 463 lb-ft.

While this does not represent an increase over the outgoing model, Nissan promises a smoother more efficient delivery of said power.

The GT-R engine uses plasma-sprayed cylinder bores in place of cast iron liners. This results in reduced weight and friction, improved cooling and fuel efficiency.

Other engine modifications are: thermostatically controlled oil-cooling, an oil scavenging pump that will maintain lubrication of the turbochargers under extreme conditions, a symmetrical independent intake and exhaust manifold with twin high performance IHI turbochargers, and a wet and dry sump oiling system.

These changes mean the 2015 GT-R should see 14.3 L/100 kms (20 mpg) city and 10.5 L/100 kms (27 mpg) highway, which considering the level of performance, is very good indeed.

Transferring the power to the wheels is Nissan’s 6 speed sequential dual clutch transmission. In this system one clutch controls 1,3,5 gears while the other takes care of 2,4,6. The advantage of this set up is near instantaneous shifts as the transmission will have engaged the next gear before you select it.

The GT-R showcases the world’s first independent rear transaxle all wheel drive system. This unique machine favours rear wheel drive. It will allow 100% rear drive but will supply up  to  50%  of the power to the front tires, depending on circumstance.

To ensure you enjoy these improvements, the GT-R has been endowed with improved steering, braking, suspension and tires.

Of note is the fact that the engineers tuned the suspension on rough roads to give the occupants a much improved level of comfort without having to sacrifice at the limit performance.

The car features 3 modes of operation controlling the VDC, transmission, and shock absorbers. They are Normal, Comfort and R.

To further enhance daily use, the GT-R`s steering has been fettled to make in-town maneuverability easier  and the braking system have been tuned to function more smoothly at normal driving speeds.

This  4 passenger car will carry two golf bags without fuss. The sculpted bucket seating is comfortable enough for a long journey and supportive enough to keep you in place on the track.

The multi-function display has a full eleven pages of info to choose from. Although much of that info is useful only on a race track, you can configure the screen to navigation which features real time traffic and weather updates, if you opt for the SiriusXM subscription.

This impeccably engineered car is without a doubt a technological masterpiece and a relative bargain, at $108,000(base Canadian price) able to embarrass cars that cost many times as much.

The only question I have left is how can they possibly improve on this astonishing machine?