34,000 Streaming Movies For $10/Month? Watch Out Netflix!

DISH Networks and Blockbuster have announced a new service – Blockbuster Movie Pass – which will one-up Netflix with streaming video, DVDs by mail, and a game rental service all included in one bill. The coordinated effort is a result of DISH Networks purchase of the troubled Blockbuster that was mired in bankruptcy earlier this year.

TV and Video Streaming: For $10 a month, Dish Network subscribers will get access to the 34,000 streaming video titles Blockbuster and DISH Network have combined; Despite some intense research, how many streaming titles Netflix has is unknown. The Blockbuster Movie Pass includes the game rental service, where subscribers can exchange an unlimited number of DVDs and games at participating Blockbuster retail stores. Netflix charges $8 per month for its streaming video service with no game rental option available.

DVDs in the mail: The DVD by mail subscription option is available for an additional $5 per month (for one-disc-at-a-time) or an additional $10 per month (for two and three discs at a time). For comparison sake, the new Qwikster service spun off by Netflix charges $8 per month for 1 DVD out at a time, $10 for 2 DVDs out at a time, $14 for 3 DVDs out at a time, and $20 for 4 DVDs out at a time.

The total package comparison: with streaming video and 1 DVD at a time – Netflix is $16 for 100,000 titles (on two separate bills), Blockbuster Movie Pass is $15 for 130,000 titles plus the game rental service (on one bill).

On the surface, it seems like DISH\Blockbuster is putting together a pretty good deal; however, this service is only available to existing DISH Networks subscribers. If you’re not one of those people, you don’t get in on the deal. At least, not yet.

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