5 Simple Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store

5 Simple Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Knowledge is power, and knowing how and where to shop in your neighborhood will help you become a frugal shopping expert.

Knowing how to implement these simple tactics will make you a frugal shopping expert:

Bulk Frozen Veggies and Fruit

Did you know that frozen fruits and veggies have the same nutrient value as their fresh counterparts?

In fact, most frozen produce items are actually flash-frozen before they are packed and shipped to your local grocer. Implement frugal bulk-buying tactics, on frozen produce items and save money.

First Stop Dairy Section

Start on the opposite end of the grocery store.

Most stores take you right into the bakery and or produce section upon entrance to their store. This is where most of the mark down items and weekly deal bins are set to grab your attention.

Eat First, Shop Second

Save money on impulse buying by simply filling your tummy before shopping.

This will help you avoid both impulse buys, and free samples geared toward selling you frivolous items you wouldn’t normally purchase.

Buy Only What You Can Use

Saving money with coupons or sale items is essential for the frugal shopper.

Make sure you check the dates when buying in bulk, and only buy what you and your family will actually consume.

Stick to Your List

Check your inventory then make a list of what your family needs before going to the store.

This will allow you to frugal shop while resisting temptation at the checkout line too.

Consumers are baited with snacks and drinks priced with a high markup designed to make you waste your money.


Share some of your best tips for saving money at the grocery store below!

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