Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays for advertisers out there, with Americans expected to spend $18.6 billion this … Read more

The Wall Street Journal reported that RadioShack Corporation is planning to close around 500 of its stores in the next … Read more

AT&T, the 2nd largest mobile provider in the United States, announced Saturday that they will implement price cuts for wireless … Read more

ScripTalk talking prescriptions are now available at 130 pharmacies,  including 30 Walmart locations and mail order. En-vision America, the developer … Read more

The Puppy Bowl

The Puppy Bowl, Kitten Bowl and Fish Bowl will all be on TV this Sunday  as Super Bowl alternatives. This … Read more

AJ Studios is working on the an update called the TU14, for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Anticipation is rising for … Read more

DirectTV, a well-known satellite company, is making threats to cease airing WWE pay-per-views. The dispute is due to the fact … Read more

Goji Smart Lock, an electronic deadbolt, allows you to both lock and unlock your front door with either your smartphone … Read more

Walmart is testing a pilot program that will allow customers to grocery shop anywhere, placing an online order for pick … Read more

Google recently announced that their exclusive Goggle Glass eye wear will be offered in four extra-light titanium frames, costing $225. … Read more

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