Google recently announced that their exclusive Goggle Glass eye wear will be offered in four extra-light titanium frames, costing $225.

These new styles are eligible to get subsidized frames and lenses through VSP vision insurance.

Getting your prescription Google Glass eyewear will be simple, Google plans on training eye-care providers across the United States to work with their exclusive Glass.

These new prescription frames are designed to work just like your regular eyeglass frames.  Google has even named their frame styles, Split, Thin, Bold and Curve.

Plus, Google assures us there will be more styles available in the near future.

Prescription Google Glass eyewear is limited to their control group (Explorers) at the moment, but will be open to the public later this year.

Google Glass is completely computerized with a camera and display screen which sets close to the eyebrow.

The service works with basic voice commands, allowing hands-free operation to explore the web, get directions, and read email.