60 Random Thoughts On Game Of Thrones Episode 7, The Broken Man

So much happened tonight. This episode of Game of Thrones gave us a lot. My mind was going a mile a minute.

So here are 60 random thoughts I had while watching Episode 7, The Broken Man:

• I swear their recaps are a time stealer and so unnecessary.

• Who’s this preacher guy?

• Uggh, not another fanatic.

• Oh no wait, he’s pretty cool.

• Holy Crap, The Hound is alive!

• Yay? Not Yay? I don’t know how I feel about this.

• Is Margaery still putting on this on this act?

• Maybe it’s not an act.

• So Margaery and Tommen aren’t knockin boots? He’s twelve and an idiot, so I can’t be mad at that.

• So the High Sparrow thinks a women’s desire isn’t necessary in the marital bed, only her patience?

• Good thing he’s celibate.

• Did he just threaten the Queen of Thorns? Bad Form.

• Jon has a man bun. I can’t concentrate.

• These wildlings don’t want to fight for Jon after he saved their cold behinds and died because of it.

• How can they refuse him? Look at his hair!

• Wun Wun says Snow. I guess we know where he stands.

• Are these his first lines?
Margaery slips a clue to Lady Olenne
• Okay, so Margaery hasn’t totally turned into a Stepford Wife. Thank the Seven!

• What’s that picture mean? A rose? Highgarden? Thorns?

• Why is she writing in hieroglyphics, use your words dammit!

• Lady Tyrell just read Cersei for filth, I almost feel sorry for her.

• She’s like not only can you not sit with us, you can’t sit with anyone.

• Jaime and Bronn’s bromance is life.

• They are like Thelma and Louise.

• The idiot Freys have Edmure in a noose outside of Riverrun.

• Who is Edmure again?

• I kinda don’t care.

• Apparently the Blackfish doesn’t care either, I like him.

• Jaime wants to kick it with the Blackfish

• The Blackfish is clear on the fact that he gives no damns. Insert fist pump here.
The Blackfish is not here for a parlay.
• So Sansa and Jon and his bun are going door to door begging for support.

• Hmm, I knew they would question Jon’s “Starkness”, I wasn’t prepared for qualms about Sansa’s.

• Little lady Mormont is an absolute beast and my #WCW and it’s only Sunday.

• Ser Davos is great at the earnest and  plain-spoken speech.

• He wasted that dope speech on 62 men.

• These three goons look like trouble.

• The hound still knows trouble when he sees it, he’s probably gonna hack them all to death with that ax.

• The other Northern neighbors aren’t as nice as the Mormonts, they are like Nah, we’re good.

• I feel something bad brewing between Jon and Sansa.

• So she’s gonna write to Littlefinger, the creep that’s betrayed her over and over? I hope not.

• Bad Mojo.

• Theon and Yara are in a whorehouse, Theon’s favorite theme park.

• It’s not his favorite theme park anymore, sad face.

• This is kinda torture for him, what creep invited him here.

• Yara is playing some kinda weird drinking game with Theon. I don’t get it.

• Everybody wants to run to Danaerys for help. I don’t see why she needs them now.

• Arya is a stone cold negotiator, and she’s finally going home!

• I wonder where she got all those coins?

• That soldier statue reminds of the foot statue in Lost.

• Wait, no, what the hell?

• No. No, Hell No!

• Why? Why can’t we have nice things?

• Whew she’s not dead.

• But she’s not okay either.

• Why am I holding my stomach? I wasn’t stabbed.

• Back to the Hound, what the heck are they even building?

• Uh oh those guys are back, I knew it.

• Well jeez Louise, one scream and they are all dead already? Even the nice preacher man, damn.

• That was ridiculously quick.

• Uh oh, they messed with the wrong dog today.

Leave your own thoughts on Game Of Thrones Episode 7, The Broken Man below!

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