Shoppers say that Amazon is the most satisfying online retailer to shop at, according to a new study released yesterday.

The study, completed by Forsee Results, took a look at the top 100 online retailers (based on sales volume). They found that for 2011, the top ranked retailer when judged on ‘satisfaction’ was Coming in second was Third through twelfth, in descending order, was,,,,,,,,, and

Forsee said that in February, 2011 (though the study is just now being released) they collected data from 22,000 shoppers who had visited the top 100 online retail sites within the previous two weeks. To measure satisfaction, they used the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Overall, satisfaction amongst the top 100 online retailers remained at a record high, matching last year’s satisfaction level. Amazon ranked number two last year. This year, Amazon bumped Netflix down to the number two spot.

Netflix may be number two in the most recent results, but months after the data was collected they changed their rate plan, angering customers, and losing many. Though the company has rebounded since then, they may not do as well in next year’s rankings.

Besides the top 12, a few sites that many of our readers see regularly here on CP, and where they ranked, include: (19), (20), (23), Kohls (24), (26), (40), (49), (52), and (93).