American McGee’s Grimm Now Available For PC

American McGee’s Grimm Now Available For PC

American McGee and video game developer Spicy Horse Games just released their next video game, American McGee’s Grimm, for PC’s.

Spicy Horse Games and American McGee, known for such games as Alice: Madness Returns, BigHead BASH and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters have a distinct “dark fairytale aesthetic,” and look to bring that same refreshing take to the Grimm fairytales by flipping the family oriented stories on their head in favor of darker, more subversive incarnations.

Describing the game in a press release, the company wrote “the player takes control of a dwarf named Grimm on a mission to turn the sweet fairy tales of today into the far-darker tales they were originally. Grimm spreads darkness wherever he goes using sophisticated moves like a butt-stomp, while the denizens of each fairy tale try to keep things as sickly saccharine as possible.”

The game consists of 23 individual episodes. The episodes are available for purchase through  SpicyWorld.

Gamers can pick up individual episodes for only $1.30 each.  Volumes comprised of several episodes are $8.00. The entire collection of 23 episodes cost $20.00.

What do you think? Will you be picking up any or all episodes of American McGee’s Grimm?

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