Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper surprised the industry fighting its way to a $90.2 million weekend. Previously, Ride Along, made $41 million in January – American Sniper more than doubled that record.

So the question is why did this movie do so well in one of the weakest earning months for movies?

Three things I think helped the success for the American Sniper are: advertising, topic, and the script.

Since December, it was really hard to not see an American Sniper commercial on TV. The trailer grabbed you and hooked you from the first second – showing Bradley Cooper deciding whether or not to shoot an East Indian kid who may or may not be carrying a bomb.

The six Oscar nominations helped the buzz and advertising around the movie too.

Americans love war movies. Lone Survivor did $125 million dollars last year, and the Hurt Locker beat Avatar for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Without giving away too much, the screenplay was really great. The main character, Chris Kyle, is a pretty complicated character. The true life story shows his accomplishments on the battle field and what he had to deal with after his time at war. It was also nominated for best adapted screenplay. So it’s a great story, well told, with a touch of controversy. Which seems to be the perfect formula.

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