iWorkApple sent out notices today reminding existing users of Apple’s iWork.com that the service will be closed on July 31.

Apple’s in the process of consolidating various services into its iCloud offering. They first warned iWork users back in March that the service would be closing. Apple began at that time to ask iWork users to login to iWork and save their documents onto their personal computers. Apple supplies instructions for doing this here.

Apple is also closing down their MobileMe services. Many, but not all, of the MobileMe tools can be transitioned to Apple’s iCloud. The MobileMe service is closing June 30. Apple provides information about transferring MobileMe the iCloud here.

Apple launched the iCloud in October of 2011. The service allows users to store music, videos, backups, photos, bookmarks, and more to Apple’s cloud servers. Additional features include iOS Backup and Restore, Photo Stream, and iTunes Match, along with others.