Apple Starts New Trade-In Program – Up To $280 For Used iPhones!

Apple Starts New Trade-In Program – Up To $280 For Used iPhones!

Apple announced a new trade-in program that starts today, offering up to $280 for used iPhones!

The new program is called the “iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program.”

It has some caveats, including you must use the trade-in value on a new iPhone and be in a wireless carrier agreement before you leave the store.

This trade-in program is also only good in the physical Apple stores.

Trade-in value is affected by the physical condition on the iPhone and it must be operational. Apple iPhone models 3, 3G, 4, 4S ad 5 are all included in the program.

Since Apple is expected to offer a new lower cost iPhone (the 5C) on Spetember 10th, owners of older iPhones could actually get more money for their old iPhone than the new one is worth, in which case the balance of the trade is put on an Apple gift card.

This isn’t the only game in town when it comes to trading in an iPhone for money. Apple also has an online trade-in partnership with PowerON that offers up to $400 for an old iPhone and puts the money on an Apple gift card, removing the restriction that it must be used on a new iPhone.

Damaged iPhones still have some value as well. In the Apple store, a reduced trade-up value for the damaged iPhone can be applied toward the purchase of a newer model; the value of that trade-in will vary based on the condition of the damaged iPhone. Alternately, web sites like Gazelle offer straight up cash for iPhones, damaged or not.

With Apple’s new trade-in program, the company appears to be trying to keep existing iPhone users as customers. Offering a good chunk of change for a trade-in iPhone is a tried and true way of doing it; car dealers have been doing it for decades.

Will this trade-in program keep you a loyal Apple customer?

Let me know in the comments below – and be sure to follow me by email for more updates!

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