We’ve seen plenty of Apple TV related rumors online over the past few months. Most point to late this year as a possible launch date for the (rumored) new device.

But not so fast, says J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz. According to AppleInsider, in a note sent to investors today, Moskowitz wrote that J.P. Morgan’s research “does not indicated any looming TV-related product launch.” He also said he did not believe the economic conditions are ripe for such a launch. Due to several reasons, he pointed to 2014 as a possible launch date.

Apple is famous for keeping everything very hush-hush, especially when it comes to new product development. They have said nothing about the possibility of an Apple TV set. But there have been some alleged leaks… and plenty of speculation and rumors.

We have reported on rumors that the Apple TV will be called an iPanel, and that it will include a gesture control interface and a gaming console. We’ve also heard whispers of an Apple TV prototype making rounds in Canada. While the vast majority of speculation suggests a late 2012 launch date – here at CP we doubted the practicality of such an early launch date. Apparently Moskowitz agrees with us – though we were thinking along the lines of late 2013.

Rumors have also been swirling about Apple contacting production studios in search of streaming content, such as movies and TV shows. While speculation of Apple getting into the streaming business are mostly tied to the possibility of an Apple TV console, we’ll just point out that Apple also has many other devices that such content can be streamed onto.

AppleInsider also says that Moskowitz mulled over the possibility of mobile payment platform. Something like where an Apple smartphone or tablet can be swiped over a cash register payment scanner to pay for items while shopping. He said that J.P. Morgan did not have any evidence supporting that idea though.