Director Zach Snyder (“Batman Vs. Superman”, “300”, “Watchmen”) just Tweeted out the first image of the ‘Aquaman’ movie poster. On it, Jason Momoa suited up like we’ve never seen the superhero before.

This positively badass look shows a lot of promise to the type of movie we’re in for. Snyder is known for his darker style in superhero movies, and I think that touch of darkness will work great with this actor and this new installment in the DC universe.

The idea of an Aquaman movie has been the butt of jokes for the last while. It seems ever since Vince in ‘Entourage’ played the marine hero – directed by James Cameron – shows like South Park, and Family Guy have poked fun at the hero. Snyder, however, reminded everyone that Aquaman has nearly impenetrable skin, strength and durability, due to the fact that he can survive at the deepest depths of the ocean without being crushed by the weight of the seven seas. Moma is shown grasping the Trident of Neptune, which is the mark of the ruler of Atlantis and bears a number of various abilities.

While excitement grows, we’ll have a lot of time to speculate and aniticpate how great (or not so great) this movie will be. The release date is July 27th, 2018.
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