Autumn At Oz: A Magical Vacation

Autumn At Oz: A Magical Vacation

Your next fall vacation could whisk you into the mystical land of Oz.

An abandoned theme park in North Carolina reopens its gates annually for a walk down an eerie memory lane – an event called Autumn at Oz.

The theme park, built in the image of L. Frank Baum’s novel The Wonderful World of Oz, opened in 1970 to 20,000 enchanted guests.

However, park owner Grover Robbins died a few months short of the grand opening, casting a shadow over the events and the ongoing operation of the park.

Robbins death was the first of many troubles for the park. A mysterious fire in 1975 destroyed one of the treasured dresses worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy.

The park closed its doors in 1980 and fell into ruin.

Renovations in 1990 restored much of the original infrastructure.

Previous Land of Oz employees now reopen the park annually for Autumn at Oz. Visitors can enjoy numerous Oz-inspired activities and refreshments, according to the park’s site.

Plus, you get to take the legendary stroll from “Kansas” and follow Dorothy’s adventure all the way to the Emerald City.

Autumn at Oz takes place annually in Beech Mountain, North Carolina, on the first weekend of October. Tickets for Autumn at Oz begin at $20.

You can find more ticket information at

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