Best Buy’s Ultimate Gamer Showdown | Rules, Locations, Prizes

Best Buy’s Ultimate Gamer Showdown | Rules, Locations, Prizes

Starting on the 2nd of December (a Monday), Best Buy, for the first time ever, will be launching an amateur gaming tournament known as the “Ultimate Gamer Showdown”.

The tournament will be held in store (list of participating stores at the bottom), where players will be competing in Madden NFL 25 on the newly released PlayStation 4 gaming console.

 The Finals will be held at the AT&T stadium in Dallas Texas 14 days after the after the tournament commences (on the 14th of December).

According to Best Buy, players who manage to reach that stage of the competition will be competing on, what is considered to be,  the largest HD screen in the entire world; though it is impossible to confirm this as no size for the screen in question has been given.

Rules and Registration

Registration for the individual store tournament events will be carried out (in person) on a first come first serve basis.

However, before you and the rest of your high school buddies dash out to the nearest Best Buy store, ensure that you have your fake ID’s on hand as contestants will have to be 18 years or older to enter. Thankfully, registering for the tournament will be completely free for all contestants.

Each individual store competition will be carried out in a 64 player bracket style elimination format, with the winner at each location receiving $1000 worth of store credit and a free trip to Dallas Texas to compete in the tournament finals.

Lowly second place finishers will receive $500 store credit and a trip back to whence they came.

At the end of the tournament, the overall winner will receive an additional best buy gift card valued at $1500 (and presumable some sort of trophy/commemorative item).

Locations :

Dec 2:

New York – Union Square (5-10 p.m.)

San Francisco – 13th & Harrison (5-10 p.m.)

Dec 4:

Boston – Braintree (5-10 p.m.)

Los Angeles – West LA/Pico Blvd (5-10 p.m.)

Dec 10:

Detroit – Novi (5-10 p.m.)

Chicago – North Avenue (5-10 p.m.)

Dec 12:

Minneapolis – Richfield (5-10 p.m.)

Atlanta – Alpharetta (5-10 p.m.)

Dec 16:

Dallas – Finals – AT&T Stadium (Invitation only)


Will you be entering the Best Buy Ultimate Gamer Showdown?

Are you mad that the competition is PS4 only?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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