Best Place To Get A Cell Phone? Apple, Costco, Top The List

Best Place To Get A Cell Phone? Apple, Costco, Top The List

The Apple Store and Costco are the best stores for cell phone shoppers, according to the January 2013 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.

This finding was true for shoppers visiting traditional walk-in stores as well as online shops.

The Consumer Reports National Research Center recently completed a survey that asked shoppers to rate their experience after purchasing a cell phone.  They asked for shopper’s impressions of their experience including browsing, the checkout process, and service after purchase.

The survey results can be found online at or in the January 2013 issue.  Almost ten-thousand shoppers who bought a phone in the last two years were surveyed.

Costco came out ahead in the survey for pricing and service on cell phones that are sold in kiosks in their warehouse stores.

Walmart matched Costco on price alone.  Best Buy won out in selection, likely because most of their retail locations carry phones from the high-end to entry level devices.

The article goes on to offer shopping tips when browsing for phones.  According to Consumer Reports, haggling for a phone is a practice that was successful for a quarter of shoppers who tried it.

Other tips that the article offers are to use caution if upgrading early, to watch out for hidden fees, and to think twice before purchasing insurance or the extended warranty.  Consumer Reports found that the cost of these add-ons can be just as much as buying a new phone mid-contract.

Check out the Consumer Reports article and let us know if you have any shopping tips when buying a cell phone or mobile service!

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